Friday, December 6, 2019

PD SUCKS, But Life Doesn’t

My friend, Derek, was my BPDF (Best PD Friend). I thought he would be my BPDFF.  We met in a support group in 2006, a year after we were both diagnosed. Our symptoms, progression, response to medications was always in synch. We supported each other step by step for 12 years. Derek died unexpectedly 6 months ago of “complications of PD,” that being an inability to bring up his BP during a cardiac problem due to PD meds. Doctors tell us we don’t die from PD. We die with PD. I’m not sure that distinction much matters. None of us can predict our future. Worry is not preparation.  Derek smiled all the time. We’d joke that his facial expression just froze that way. Make sure you love and laugh every day! This picture reminds me that PD SUCKS, but LIFE DOESN’T.

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