Saturday, January 25, 2020

Don't Buy The Lie

Relentless self-advocacy
Is the key to our survival.
Keep fighting Parkinson’s disease,
our greatest enemy and rival.

Don’t ever let anyone
stand in your way.
Don’t give up fighting
because of what experts say.

People with Parkinson’s need to be wary
of popular opinions masquerading as facts.
Many can undermine your efforts
to turn your disease progression back.

Our goal is to get better,
not just stop disease progression.
IMHO, any doctor who shoots for less
should exit the profession.

To the doctors who tell their patients
Parkinson’s disease does not cause pain:
“Tape your left arm to your side for 6 months.
Then we‘ll talk again.”

Incurable neurodegenerative disease?
PD’s most enduring “fact.”
Don’t buy the lie.
They might soon take it back.

Every cured disease
was once an incurable one.
Scientists are working on PD.
Their work is just not yet done.

Personally, I am certain
exercise is the way
we can improve our function
if we work out every day.

I have friends and family who tell me
they have the same aches and pains I do.
They don’t. I know the difference.
Because I am aging, too.

Depression is a part of the disease.
Depression is not a lack of gratitude.
Any “know-it-all” who tells you you this
is ignorant, insensitive and rude.

So, don’t take to heart
what you’re told is a fact.
Nothing about Parkinson’s
is that white or black.

To all of you with PD,
 those far and those near:
This poem is my way of wishing you
a happy and healthier New Year.

 Cindy Beth Bittker

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