Saturday, March 7, 2020

Do You Have Plutonium in Your Medicine Bag?

I had Movie Night with my two granddaughters, Kyla and Aubrey. I picked the movie. They could stay up past bedtime to watch it.

We got into our PJ’s. I made a concession stand in the kitchen with “real movie popcorn,” loaded with butter, big cups for taking popcorn into our home theater (aka the TV room), juice boxes, and 2 movie-sized boxes of each candy; Junior Mints, Milk Duds, Swedish Fish, Malted Milk Balls and Nerds.

The movie was my pick because I cannot handle seeing any more movies with characters from video games. Ditto for princesses or in plastic spoons that come to life.

I chose “Back to The Future.” They’d love it!! The characters. The time travel. The love story. The 1950’s. The action. Most of all, I was excited to watch them see Michael J. Fox before he had Parkinson’s disease.

Since I’ve had Parkinson’s disease before I had grandchildren, they’ve never known me without my symptoms, I thought seeing the movie would give them an understanding that I wasn’t always like this, either.

What I learned that night is they can’t detach Michael J. Fox from his Parkinson’s anymore than they can detach me from mine. I’m just Grammie. And Michael J. Fox, logically, would have Parkinson’s in “Back To The Future.”

The following conversation took place at the end of the movie, which told me everything:

Aubrey, the younger sister, watching the final scene at the Clock Tower, where Doc is standing at the top of the tower in high winds as a lightning storm moves in, trying to plug in the two wires before the clock strikes, asks “Does he need to take his medicine?”

Kyla, the older sister, corrects her sister who clearly does not understand the plot: “Aubrey. That’s the boy’s doctor. The boy has Parkinson’s.”

With the DeLorean picking up speedy, Aubrey, referring to the Flux Capactor box, asks “Is that the Doctor’s medicine bag?”

Kyla: “No, Aubrey. I already told you, the boy had Parkinson’s. That’s the boy's medicine bag.”

Me, trying to explain the movie says:”That’s not a medicine bag at all.  That’s the Flux Capacitor. There’s Plutonium in the bag to make the car go so fast.”

Letting this thought sit for a moment, Aubrey asks, “Grammie, do you have Plutonium in your medicine bag?”