Cindy Beth Bittker 

YOU NAILED IT!!! I was reading this and I was thinking it’s like  somebody was spying on me..and telling my story! You have a gift for bringing wor. ds to life. [Melissa Goodhew]

Great snapshot of a day with Parkinson’s. Thank you for sharing it. It reminds me to keep my sense of humor. [Karen Wedlock]

You made the truth funny..know how you feel [Pam Pilkenton]

Thank you so much for sharing this.   Most people have no perception of what we live with.  Most people also picture Parkinson's patients as geriatric.  I was diagnosed at 40.  Not geriatric. [Marla Fairchild]

Cindy has a well written post about a few minutes in the day of a person with Parkinson’s. Although I am not usually like that, if I miss or mess up my medication schedule, I have gone through much of what she describes. [Daniel Linton]

I too thank you, Cindy, for your descriptions; I had no idea what a day can look like, and I appreciate having this new perspective for my friend and his lovely and supportive family. [Marian Saunders]

I guess most of us assumed Michael J. Fox was the poster child for PWP thus the thinking that the tremors is a symptom for all PWP. I'm getting educated so thank you. [Marilyn Ramos]

I had no idea what was involved , like you I though it was just tremors. I had no idea it affects your cognitive skills , made you anxious etc . I'm your resident PD expert now [Annette Caldwell Masters]

 thought  much  the  same!  When   saw  someone  with  tremors  I would  think  “oh  this  person  probably  has  Parkinson’s” .....end  of  story!!!!  Little  did   know!!!!!!  There  is  so  much  more  to  it!  This  insidious disease  hides  in  the  brain,  muscles,  gut,  bladder,  bowels,  voice,  balance,  handwriting  and  sense of  smell  just  to  name   few!! [Pat Davies]

Omg this is so heartbreaking [Irene Liasides]

welcome to Jeffs world !! [Annette Caldwell Masters]

Oh This  all  too  familiar!!  [Pat Davies]

This really drives it home....most of us just think "oh, it's just a little shaking". :-(  Thanks for the stark reality check. [Marilyn Ramos]

This is so well & truthfully sad! [Penny New Egenes]

Thanks for posting this. It could be Ron any day if the week. Luckily he never goes out on his own. [Linda Fleeger]

I just wish this weren’t so on track. Today I forgot to take an advanced dose before Rock Steady Boxing. I was unable to do much without falling over and was too mentally slow to realize why. [Karla Freckerton Burkhart]

My former boss has had Parkinson's for quite a few years.  This helps me better understand his daily life.  Thanks. [Karen Peterson Grove]

Thank you Renee Le Verrier & Larry Federici for posting this ...It will enlighten many...sometimes it’s hard to put into words what it is like to go thru daily living w/PD. A challenge ...the struggle is real!  We try hard ! [Judy Anderson Biddle]

yup that's me [Suzie Perrotto]

Cindy Bittker Thanks so much. This is such a a good and accurate insight ... and FUNNY!  Great writing!  Thanks! [Anita Henck]

THIS. EXCELLENT. [Erica Snider-Jimison]

Thank you for sharing, you have such courage [Cheryl Lesko Saffer]

A powerful post for everyone to read! [Mindelle Pierce]

Thank you for sharing this .[Karen Wolfeiler Fleischer]

Amazingly accurate in every detail!!!  [Rodger Jenkins]

Cindy... this was so well written.. and I've been there .. aarggghh. It's such a lousy disease.. I hate it every day. And every shopping cart I grab onto to give me stability for a while....just so I can have a feeling of normalcy for a short time...  I know what you mean... God bless us all as we try to have some sense of what our lives used to be... I'm rambling now so I'll just say thanks for speaking up about what all of us with PD go thru... [Jan Morrison]

She did a great job explaining her symptoms and feelings so that the reader can have a small idea of how it feels to be living with Parkinson’s. [Marilyn Gardner Goodman]

I read this whole thing and you pretty much could have written this. This is definitely your every day. I pray all the time and also wish (for what it’s worth) that you will miraculously wake up one day without this burden!  now having said that, you are an absolute inspiration and one of the brightest lights in my life!! You are truly a blessing!!  [Lori Chase Phillips]

Nice writing of what I go through [Holly Shaw]

Love the tone. [Philip Rivera’s]

A day in the life of ... This is a spot-on response to the How Are You question: Upbeat, yes. Positive, yes. But not fine. Thank you, Cindy  Bittker for writing this.

This ripped my heart out for Cindy, you and everyone that goes through this. The steadfastness of your heart, mind, and power that propels you each and every freaking day because that is who you are - WOW. Thank you. Thank you... 

Thanks for taking the time to clue us in and for doing it in generous detail. I am sorry you are living with this, but so glad for your indomitable spirit.

You are such a trouper!!  I love the way you push through with your humor.  Even though I know it’s no joke, you just keep smiling.  I miss you.

Oh Chica - Truthfully I cant image the energy it takes for you  to pick up a delectable treat at Trader Joes. You endured, tipping  freezing & leaning in your undaunted pursuit of chocolate croissants ( worth it) vs surrender to this diseases pounding limitations. Thank you for a beautiful write. I hope you allow me to repost it in honor of the unrecognized courage it to take for many Parkinson's patients Olympian strength.

Wow. You can really paint a picture with your words. Incredible.   I was once on a crisis team and learned not to assume somebody is drunk... because somebody could easily just be 15 minutes late on their medication and be experiencing symptoms like you just explained. That must be so frustrating. I can't even imagine it. But I really appreciate the fact that you can put it into words so eloquently and descriptively for everyone else to experience vicariously. Kudos to you for having such strength in being able to share it in such a humorous way. I hope you have my phone number in your cell phone because I live here in town with you and can always pick you up or find somebody to pick you up if you ever needed a ride back.

Do you mind if I share this with the therapists I work with in Boca Raton.  It is such an accurate testimony.  Hang in there, cousin.  I hope you have a team of trusted therapists you work with.  We are all PWR! Certified and it is such a great program.

Cindy you paint clear word pictures . I have some understanding of Parkinson’s because my brother in law  however, I know it’s really different for everyone. So thank you for helping me.

I’m so sorry. So frustrating!!!! Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your day. Some things we take for granted are easy for us takes so much more when suffering from a disease such as Parkinson’s. Sharing helps us all be more aware.

Oh Cindy this is so real and so necessary for you to write it. It opens up the Parkinson's struggle to everyone. Thank you so much for posting it and I am so so so so so so so sorry you and others go through this. If I could wave a magic wand and make you better I would. The smartest thing you're doing though is having those treats! Enjoy them.... often. You DESERVE them

Love this!!!

You do deserve both the tasty treats...and you worked hard for them!!

Enjoy every morsel🙂

You made it through!!  You got to the other side..Which is a piece of Awesome 

You are a talented story teller! Thanks for bringing such honest awareness to so many who aren’t educated about what Parkinson’s can look like in daily life 

Thank you for letting the world know. PD sucks more then anyone can imagine [Stuart Perlin ]

Thank you it’s very much an accurate account [Glenda Ann Khalor]

Thank you for writing this truth! [Evelyn Kallen Goldberg]

Cindy terrific post!  I will share it on my page. [Sharon Lee Krischer]

Thank you for your help by putting it in words [Carol Deboer Gallo]

Thank you for sharing this powerful—and characteristically good humored—glimpse at a day in the life, Cindy. You are my hero. [Cynthia Broner]

So beautifully written.   This is a lesson for all of us. [Louise Bittker] 

Thank you for what you do. [Cathy Wesalowski]

Best depiction ever! ]Joanne Pasrore Di Lisio]

I do not have this disease but I can tell you I have very bad mobility since my truck accident. And after a severe concussion to go to a store even with a shopping cart is impossible. Home Depot and Lowe's are the only stores I can go into walking in order to get one of those drives around vehicles that all stores should have. And then you have to deal with all the looks and stares you get but at least I am able to get out to some places. But people just don't understand the disease. But I can understand the pain of not being able to live your life normally like everyone around you. [John M Walsh]

Well told of a day of our lives!! Good job coping!! We are special! Love sent! [Sharon Waldrop]

God bless You Cindy Bittker for sharing this in depth look into a person with parkinsons. I am a caregiver and interested person. I try to constantly inform those around Me about pap hoping they will share the information. I will share this too! [Mary Semmerling]

An excellent description of daily life for my husband. Thank you! [Mary Olson]

Thank you for sharing the stories you share.  I have a friend with PD and it helps me understand both of your struggles.  Knowledge is everything [Ginger Capen-Bangs]

Amazing [Amy Lyn Grogan]

Cindy Bittker thank you for bringing awareness!! [Lisa Harris Murphy]

Thanks for the repost, Lisa. I wonder,  though,  can a non-Parkinson's person really understand what we go through?  I have often wondered about that. There may be a basic awareness that doesn't really capture the depth of the condition. Even though I have been formally diagnosed for 8 years,  only now can I understand the Parkinson's symptom of depression in many of my friends. [Fred Rose]

Thanks for sharing.     I’m hoping it raises awareness and gives people some knowledge of not being so quick to judge.   You grasp at life...holding on as long as possible to a semblance to living life day to day.   I admire you.  I think you’re great and an inspiration.   I pray for a cure AND SOON.   [Sam Ann Robbins-Phillips]

I am without words...... thank you for sharing the humor-laced, poignant anecdote.  [ Donna Moyer]

You are one amazing woman. An inspiration to all of us.  [ Enid Anzenberger]

This was an eye opener!  And you are such a strong and amazing warrior woman [Deb Costa]

I had no idea of the magnitude of the struggle.[Ralph Smith]

You are amazing and I love your 'never quit' attitude. [Janet Dargon]

Thank you for sharing your triumphs and struggle.[Bronnie Waver]

This description is very meaningful and I am grateful for it. Thank you! [Bernadette Harris]

This is NOT an exaggeration [Evelyn Kallen Goldberg]

I have a friend with PD, her stories are oh so familiar, I wish there was a cure, not just meds, but at least it’s a baby step [Terri Burch]

Yes , that's James my husband there was a time I was more broken than him ! He has kept his jolly disposition and optimistic outlook , god knows how I would be terrible his career as an architect 50 years gone all his archaeology trips gone his love of running a folk music club gone his car and driving gone and much more ,, but he is ok he thanks god for what he has he loves seeing the grandchildren lots now as he was always at work or away ! He enjoys going to a day centre twice a week and quizzes on tv and of course all sorts of music! He amazes me and the kids as I know I would be terrible to live with and he is a pleasure [Rosie Jackson]

Any chance this could be made share-able?  It is worth posting elsewhere to help the unfamiliar understand the normal challenges of a day in the life of a person with Parkinson's (and their caregiver)!  Well written! [Anita Henck]

So true! [Barbara Lammons]

Cindy Bittker thank you for sharing this openly. It’s so important that people have empathy for others and it only happens if we can have a small understanding of the struggles. [Kaitlyn Pierce]

Slightly different symptoms, but unfortunately, I’ve been in that predicament way too often(it’s way scarier when I have the kids with me), and many times at TJ. [Kim Ostellino]

Very real, very true [Dinnie Ronan Cecilia Metinda]

So heartbreaking. Love all my Parkinson’s family. [Melanie Stokes]

Very well written by a friend. Thanks, Cindy Bittker for authoring this. So well written. [Tina Aubuchon]

Cindy Bittker thank you for sharing this TJ's shopping 🛒 experience. As I read your story I was with you at every turn. PD is such a bully. I kept saying to myself have her Meds worn off? I was relieved to hear that they had! I had to laugh, when reading about your alarm, mine went off too. 

This week, all my Meds and times were readjusted. I understand what you said about being thankful for the hours our Meds are working and not knowing about future meds. Again, thank you for sharing with the group. I am thankful that you joined. [Wendy Burnett Paulson]

This is a good article as it happens to us all, in some form or other.

Good luck in your PD journey.[Jane Armistead]

Incredible vivid explanation.  Beautifully written  [Lynn A. Fenza Polizzi]

Cindy Bittker, well written, I totally relate to ur words [Jeanne Melanie]

Exactly how I feel ! [Valerie Funderburk]

Nice post [Marcia Lee Aulebach-Lagarsino]

Cindy Bittker Oh you have pretty much Written  hour by hour as how it goes when I go to Trader Joe’s or Any other grocery store for that matter or any store! I wish you’d make this shareable because   I would like to people that I know to see that what I’m saying is real it’s not just me! And just going to bed and waking up and not be able to shift positions because your medication has worn off.  And that they had to wake my husband up to help me into a wheelchair  And push me into the bathroom and I have already been holding it for the last two hours because I didn’t wanna wake him up! Because I know already he’s irritated with me Because he gets woken up every night ....Now I feel like he’s just here Because of obligation because I have to come to Burden!!  Please think about Make it shareable Cindy at least for me LOL [Scott N Chueh Sanderson]

So true. I don’t even want to go shopping anymore hard work. Told husband ill just order online and do pickup where they load. [Misty Tompkins]

Sincerely I know and understand! It happens to me also . Went to store hubby had to look for me a easier check out lane, I was ready to pass out. It's hard on us. Sending you hugs and thanks for sharing![WesleyandPatty Jacobs]

Well done! [Joan Price]

Nice job [Bobbie Carignan]

Thank you for this ... you have put in place a new perspective for me about PD- I feel saddened that I didn’t know it was this bad for my Dad. ...but, NOW I see it - he does such a good job at mustering through  day to day and not complaining of much.  He lives life’s purpose. God bless all of those with PD and may there soon be a cure!!!!  [Melissa Scott La Londe]

Omg you described my dad perfectly. Wish there was some support like this for me when he was going thru this. If there’s anything we can do to help. Please reach out. we eventually took the car away from my dad. Didn’t want him to have these episodes or hurt someone in the process. [Lynda Marie]

My best friends mom has Parkinson’s it’s been awful for her and the entire family.  I’m going to send this to my bestie .. she has a hard time relating to what her mom goes through.  It’s really sad  [Alicia Schwehr-White]

Thank you so very much for sharing Cindy. 

The articulation of your experience in this blurb is so vivid, alive and multifaceted. I’m glad this group unites experiences. [Charlene T. Harper]

I have someone close to me who may have early sign of Parkinson’s. Hand tremors, stammering his speech, his posture is starting to also change. He has a few episodes of lightheaded ness lasting hours and sometimes a few days. This happens i frequently but still unnerving. His PC told him it may be due to dehydration. I wonder after reading if this could also be another new symptom. Thank you for sharing Cindy [Linda Wolfson Walsh]

Thank you for letting us know that we're not alone! [Roy Schmall]

What a powerful description of the daily struggles and bravery of a sufferer -  altho I know of the trauma for my HWP this has given me even more insight- thank you - you have my utmost respect...! [Pat Gilles]

Soo well put Cindy!

Would you mind if I share this with friends? I understand if you’d rather I don’t, but you’ve described my average shopping trip so well!

I now do most of our grocery shopping online [Fiona Middleton]

That’s a frickin tough disease.  I’m so sad you have to struggle like this.  It sucks! [Wendy Bittker Cossman]

Cindy, it’s amazing to have someone so transparent about the realities. Hugs and thanks for being the advocate you truly are for all people living with PD!  [Victoria DiBiaso]

So true. I'm so glad my husband now does the shopping. [Kathy Sales Wartman]

No Trader Joes in Aus, haven’t seen (damn it ) bake at home chocolate croissants but totally get this. Especially the bit about alarm for pills ringing at checkout. Have been diagnosed for less than 2 years and at 73 I’m still coming to terms with it (will I ever ?) reading this helps me realise these things happen to all of us,not just me. Love your style,keep writing.  [Julie N Albie Pritchard]

Sooo True!!! [Julie Reihing Baker]

What a clear and true depiction of how life is with Parkinson’s. Never quite know when these issues will hit. As one with young onset PD I sometimes feel I should wear a sign letting all know I have PD. [Laura Downey]

This is my life.     I struggle every day but i smile and apologise for taking so long to shop and pay for thing

. But u will not give the bit of freedom i stikl [Vivie Laine]

I use a walker (with streamers and a bell) and a woman scolded me that I do NOT have Parkinson’s because I didn’t shake enough!!! [Peggy Weizman]

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